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gaslight ([personal profile] gaslight) wrote on April 29th, 2008 at 06:46 pm
Stay away from Netrillium
I'm not f-locking this for a reason.

I have different domains registered with Netrillium for over 3 years now. Usually one at a time, letting old ones die. Right now I have two, mine and Rob's. Apparently mine expired without warning this past weekend, despite the fact that they claim they will email you first. Okay, maybe my mistake.

I try logging into their client area using passwords they emailed me in January. "Password Incorrect". I try sending a password reminder "Email address not found". Even though it was the same email address they sent the passwords to. I was also a bit confused because doing a whois search said it was renewed. What the hell? So I submitted a help desk ticket explaining the situation and asking for... well help.. This was Sunday. Their website boasts 24/7/365 support, so I figured it wouldn't be long. They also have a "Live Support" button which seems to always say "OFFLINE".

A day goes by. Trying to find contact information. There's a form, OH JOY. Fill out the form and 'lo and behold it just opens another ticket.

Today - Still no reply. Trying the phone number I found through a google search leads me to a "this number has been disconnected" message. Doing a google search is also depressing, because I seem to be just another passenger in a rather large boat of disgruntled customers. Submit another ticket for the hell of it calling bullshit on their claims of superior customer service.

6:00 PM. Submit another ticket with the heading "WILL BE CONTACTING BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU".

6:15 PM. Receive a reply that simply says "You can log into your Client Area with your email address and the password: *********.

Once logged in, go to MY DOMAINS and then VIEW DETAILS"

No apologies or explanations. What an odd coincidence that after numerous messages the one with that subject gets a reply in less than 20 minutes. Along with the response they even sent me an invoice and a confirmation letter. What an odd coincidence. I had just filed a complaint through the BBB website.

Last year I had a similar problem. I couldn't log in with the password they gave me so I submitted a help desk ticket with my verizon email. Turns out no email makes it through from Netrillium so I can't access the ticket. Submit another ticket apologizing and explaining. The new ticket is closed with the message "duplicate" as they answered the original. I reopen it, once again explaining that I had no access to the original. I received this reply:

You had submitted a ticket from the verizon e-mail which was replied to. The second was closed as a duplicate.

Please do not claim that we provide no replies or login information. We cannot help if the e-mail you are using is having delivery problems. We do not control Verizon or their services.

Netrillium provides quality services to thousands of people and we take great pride in it.

From someone who is listed as one of the owners. My message that she is replying to with that is actually rather pleasant and not accusatory, just maybe a little frustrated. After her reply I wrote a scathing email and got an apology from another member.

Which leads us to my attitude today.

I couldn't transfer my domain to anyone yet, but as soon as 60 days is up both of them are heading off into the sunset. Of course, this may require more help desk tickets for authorizations or whatnot.

So, stay away from Netrillium.
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